India Lok Sabha Elections 2014 Survey and Prediction

by loksabha on August 20, 2013. Updated May 20, 2014

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It’s time of lok sabha elections again in India and everyone is figuring out the fate of political leaders and India. Many websites are conducting online survey polls and astrologers are busy in predicting dasha (period) of Rahul Gandhi and Narender Modi for 2014. No one knows the final answer – except God here. But […]


Last Article on this website – Important

July 8, 2014

In the last 1 year, I’ve posted several articles related to Indian politics, Lok Sabha Elections 2014 and its results and lots more. But the time has come to say Goodbye! to all of you. The election season is over in India now. Will come up with new name and new face of website in […]

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